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About The Shuttle:

Two of us arriving from Tampa at 9:30 on a Saturday night and needing a ride to the Rockwall area? That is exactly what happened to us. We contacted the normal ground transportation companies at the airport and none of them would take us to Rockwall at any price. That is, if you you could put up with the uncaring nature of many of these companies, including the driver smoking in the car. From this experience, The Shuttle was born to offer the travelling public in the Rockwall, Greenville and Terrell areas reliable and safe transportation services.

We at The Shuttle strive to provide reliable, clean, comfortable and caring transportation services. Safety is our top priority! So, whether you are finicky, fussy, or just want a shuttle service you can trust we look forward to serving you.

We are a Texas owned and operated company based in Rockwall, Texas. All of our drivers are pre-screened and guided by The Shuttle’s mandate of professionalism which include no-smoking, driver identification, on-time pickup, friendliness and common courtesy. The Shuttle carries Commercial Insurance, covering all passengers. Unlike some of those offering discounted rides, you are protected with liability insurance. Would you fly in a plane without insurance? Why expose yourself by riding in uninsured  ground transportation?

We want to earn your trust through competent and safe services which exceed your expectations.